JoAnn and Mindy were the absolute best!! We had a very difficult mountain-side wedding that needed to be planned while we tended to our professional lives in Chicago and despite the hundreds of moving parts and nightmare logistically to figure out the wedding went off WITHOUT A SNAG!! Not only that but JoAnn and Mindy literally absorbed all the vendor drama (if there was any) so that we could focus on each other on our amazing day! Going wayyy above and beyond JoAnn would take phone calls from us at all hours any day of the week and listen to our concerns that kept us up only to take care of our stress and anxiety within minutes! She was not just a planner but wore many hats including one of a counselor, an innovator, and a friend! JoAnn and Mindy were beyond incredible and if you need a planner to help with a difficult wedding from a far or just need someone who is a friend with decades of experience call JoAnn and Mindy…worth every cent!! Thanks Guys!!!