Laughing All the Way to the Altar: A Collection of Funny and Hard to Believe Wedding Stories Based on Actual Events

The book, based on actual events, will take you down the aisle in style, tradition and with laughter at things that go wrong. Somehow,  JoAnn and Mindy always seem to save the day from disaster in spite of the interactions with their odd and quirky clients and guests. In the end, and despite the mishaps, JoAnn and Mindy always found the humor and the joy in the day of celebration when two people come together to be married and live forever in harmony.


Smiles and tears of joy stream down her face as the bride is escorted down the aisle on her wedding day. This is where heart-felt vows are exchanged witnessed by friends and families, and where couples are well on their way to their “Happily Ever After.” Well, we can dream, can’t we? Professional Luxury Wedding Planners, JoAnn Moore and Mindy Marino, have planned hundreds of successful and fabulous weddings. They have worked with engaged couples, come together as married for life of couples, overzealous guests (some invited and some not) and some church officials that forced head-scratching challenges, off the charts crazy behavior but leaving a wake of humor behind. With large sums of money spent, the coming together of families who might be meeting for the first time, and high expectations for perfection, it’s as close to the Bermuda Triangle as you might want to get. Enjoy the experiences and stories of these luxury wedding planners as they take you on a journey of fabulous, funny and sometimes unbelievable events.