Wearing the right wedding attire at a wedding celebration is just as important for the guests to follow for the family and wedding party. As a guest at a wedding, the rule is to blend in and NOT stand out. Even though it’s not YOUR day, dress to be noticed for all the right reasons.

Dress appropriately and as what the theme and location require. Showing too much is just too much. Too tight or too short, not the best look for a formal event. Be respectful of the couple and dress as requested. Pay attention to the location and time of day. A formal gown for a morning ceremony is not appropriate. Gentlemen should also dress as to the time of day and location of the events. If unsure, dress as you think you should and perhaps bring a change of clothing in the event you are not standing out for all the right reasons. You want to be respectful to the couple and family by doing your part to dress to impress. You can always ask the couple what everyone is wearing.

Children who have been invited to the festivities should dress per their age. Young girls wearing outfits and heels meant for a teenager causes the children to be uncomfortable and tripping on her shoes. Little boys wearing slacks and a dress shirt for a church ceremony is appropriate, dirty jeans and t-shirts are play clothes, not wedding attire. You want the children to represent the couple with respect.

White Tie

For the most formal of affairs taking place after 6 pm. For men’s attire that means tails with a white pique shirt, vest, and white bow tie. For ladies-long dress or gown.

Black Tie

For celebrations after 6 pm. Gentleman, a black tuxedo with a white shirt and black bow tie is in order. To add a fashion twist, a dark shirt with a matching dark four-in-one tie can also be chic. For ladies, a glamorous dress which could be long or short.

Business Casual or Business Attire

A jacket and tie are required for men, the color chosen is all dependent on the season; winter months means a dark jacket with a white shirt and tie, summer months beige and cream with white shirt and tie will suffice. For ladies, cocktail dresses w/o bedazzling and could be long or short.

Cocktail Attire

A jacket and tie are required for men, the color chosen is all dependent on the season; winter months means a dark jacket and a white shirt and tie, summer months beige and cream with white shirt and tie will suffice. And slacks, not too loud. Ladies, a lovely cocktail style dress or pantsuit will be perfect. A little bling is perfect!

Mountain Elegance

In the Colorado Mountains, we often use this term to refer to slightly formal but fitting for a mountain venue. For men, a jacket and tie or shirt and tie with colors to complement the season, darks for winter, and light colors for summer. For ladies, a cocktail dress with some jewels to complement the outfit is appropriate. Heels are a must for dancing, with a second pair of more comfortable shoes recommended if the ceremony venue is to be outdoors.

Morning Suit

This is the most formal daytime outfit for men. A cutaway jacket with striped trousers is the way to go. For ladies, wear a two-piece suit or elegant dress and jacket.

Garden Attire

For men, it’s usually jackets and ties, light colors, light fabrics. For ladies, wear a beautiful dress or a pair of slacks and a blouse with a hat. Colors are usually pastels or floral prints.

Glamorously Chic

Completely overdress with all the jewels you can muster-it’s no holding back when your invitation calls for glamorously chic.

Destination/Beach Attire

Today we are less strict about the description of dress codes as we take creative license to engage guests and their attire creatively. If you are invited to a beach wedding where all guests are asked to wear white attire, don’t try to express your creative side and show up in green. Appropriate shoes are something to think about if walking on a hot sandy beach. Cute sandals are a must.

Theme Specific Attire

Valentine’s Day, or Black and White Ball theme as examples. Men and women are requested to dress the theme. Ladies to be in ravishing red and the men to sport a touch of red in a jacket, shirt and tie, fun bowtie, and matching socks. Blend in by wearing the theme and colors as requested.

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