Your wedding day is quickly approaching. You continue to plan, design, and complete your vision for the perfect wedding celebration. Then, here comes the Coronavirus! Just a couple of months ago, this was something you never heard about. Then the news hits about a virus in China. A half a world away, at least it’s not here in our community. Now, only a few months later, this news flash is now something so very real and frightening. What is a couple to do? Continue planning the wedding? Would it be wise to postpone or cancel altogether? Don’t panic as this too shall pass. Here are a few things to consider.

Know the Facts

Is there a Coronavirus outbreak in your area or the area you will be getting married? Listen to the local government agencies who are the experts and take to heart the information they are providing. If the location of your celebration has a high number of patients with the virus, then perhaps postponing your event would be wise.

Wedding Insurance

If you purchased Wedding Insurance, that insurance would need to state that you are covered for a “Health outbreak or Pandemic” for your lost expenses to be covered, should you be forced to cancel. Check with your Wedding Insurance company to be sure.

Contact Your Vendors

Check to see if your venue and vendors would consider postponing your wedding for a few months. Read through all your contracts with your venues and vendors regarding cancellation or postponing. Most vendors and venues are understanding and will assist you to the best of their ability.

Ask if your venue plans to properly scrub down and sterilize all surfaces at your venue before your event. Also, ask to have all staff wear gloves throughout your event. To make your event even more formal, ask them to wear white gloves.

DO NOT have a buffet at your event. Have all meals plated and served. This will lessen the number of people with any contact with your meal.

Make Adjustments to Your Guest List

If you plan to move forward with your event, consider a smaller group of guests to attend. Keep the number of elderly guests to a minimum. The elderly appear to be the most at risk for the Coronavirus.

Communicate with all of your guests via email and your wedding website. State all of the facts and information you can provide regarding travel, closures, and event precautions you plan to take. Ask any guests showing signs of illness to please NOT attend your event. You can also ask all attending guests to fill out an “emergency contact” card. If anything were to go wrong with a guest, you’ll have their information and know who to contact quickly.

Have Medics On Standby

Consider hiring an EMT, Nurse, or Paramedic to stand by at your event. They can be reassuring should a guest become ill.

Stay Healthy

Do everything you can to stay healthy. Follow all the information provided regarding avoiding large group gatherings for now. Wash your hands frequently, eat healthily, and stay positive! Show the love on your wedding day with air hugs and blowing kisses.

Keep Up-To-Date with the Latest News

For more information and updates regarding the Coronavirus, check out the following event organization references.

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