Although your wedding is only one night, a guest book can make the memories from your special day last forever. With years of experience being a top-rated, luxury Nevada and Colorado wedding planner, I have seen my fair share of guest book styles. Whether you like the idea of a traditional book, or want to try an out-of-the-box idea, here are some unique guest book ideas that we have used over the years!

1. Scenic Guest Bookscenic guest book

Since Vail, Colorado is a popular destination for weddings, oftentimes the guest book will be a Colorado book with breathtaking scenic pictures instead of a traditional guest book.

2.  Photo Guest Book

Once, the bride and groom made their own guest book with professional pictures taken from their engagement photo shoot. This allowed guests to look at beautiful pictures of the two of them together while celebrating their marriage!

3. Personalized Postcards

Another fun idea we have used was using postcards instead of a traditional guest book. We tucked postcards inside of the napkins along with the menus at the reception for each guest. The tables for this wedding were each ski resorts because the bride was a competitive skier, so the postcards were from gorgeous ski areas as well. Pens were placed on the table and guests could write their message to the bride and groom throughout the night at their leisure. On the way out, there was a white mailbox that they would place the postcards in for the bride and groom to read.

4. Decorative Ladder

One very unique guestbook idea that the bride and groom wanted was to have a white boat ladder. People signed the steps and sides of the ladder with markers and now the bride and groom can use their guest book as a decoration for their house!

5. Letters To The Bride And Groom

An interesting idea for a guest book was that each guest would write a little letter or postcard to the bride and groom saying something that they would want the newlyweds to read in one year’s time (once again to be placed in a mailbox as the guests left). The bride and groom did not open or read the letters until their one year anniversary when they read all the messages from their guests while sipping on a bottle of wine that they saved, also from the day they got married.

6. Artistic Guest Book Ideas

A final unique variation on a guestbook was using large beads and a string. Each guest would write a message on a bead and at the end of the night, the kids strung the beads onto string. This made a beautiful string of beads that the couple used to decorate their Christmas tree each year. That way, they could relive their fairy-tale wedding day every year during the holidays while in the Christmas spirit!