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We had the pleasure of working with a lovely couple and their families from out of state this weekend. The couple chose to have an intimate destination mountain wedding in Colorado to downsize their number of guests and costs, but still have a romantic wedding with all the bells and whistles. Because I am a luxury wedding planner in Colorado, I am very familiar with possible wedding spots in the state.

The ceremony was outdoors in the meadows at Beano’s Cabin in Beaver Creek. When the weather works out, the ceremony is magical. A small wedding party to include a flower girl and ring bearer helped to make the ceremony charming. The summer breeze cooled us as the ceremony began. We watched the bride’s veil blow in the breeze adding magic to the ceremony.

Cocktail hour remained outdoors with a full Seafood Bar and the signature drink of Champagne and summer raspberries. The cool mountain breeze continued through the cocktail hour when the guests were invited inside for dinner.

The Essentials

As the guests entered the front cabin, they passed by the guest book table. We chose to use a Coffee Table book of Colorado Photos inviting the guests to leave a message and sign the pages in the book. The guests then passed by a hutch already existing in the cabin. We removed all the existing photos and figurines from the hutch and added the wedding photos of the couple’s family members including grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles, many of whom were present. All family members were honored to be featured.

The couple really wanted to have a Unity Candle Ceremony, but having a ceremony outdoors is a challenge to keep the candles lit in the winds. We decided to have the Unity Candle Ceremony in the dining room. We first enjoyed the couples Grand Entrance where they stood next to a table where we placed the two taper candles (family candles) and the larger unity candle. The bride and groom entered the room to applause. They gathered next to the Unity Candle table, where the Pastor explained the meaning of a Unity Candle Ceremony and the couple lite the candles. The meal was blessed by the Pastor and an amazing dinner began.

Dinner, toasting, cutting the wedding cake, and dancing all in the same room. The newlyweds could not have been happier. The family and friends present enjoyed time to speak with the couple, family and friends throughout the night. Small, intimate and very special. Nothing was left out!

Tips For Your Perfect Mountain Wedding

  1. JoAnn Moore Wedding GalleryPick the Perfect Location – Do you want the backdrop of a meadow of a beautiful mountain lake? Getting the perfect location and endless view will set the entire mood for your wedding.
  2. Beware of Budget – Many mountain venues can become very pricy with resort prices, and on-season dates. Make sure to budget these prices in!
  3. Have a Plan for Weather – When considering an outside wedding in the mountains, the weather can be a huge deal. It is important to have a Plan B in mind for storms, wind or other bad weather.
  4. Time of Year – The time of year can play a huge role in how you plan and set up your wedding. Want to get married in a winter wonderland that allows for snowshoeing and great photo ops? Or would you prefer a big summer celebration where guests can hike or kayak?
  5. Lodging – If planning a destination getaway, make sure that there will be available lodging for all of your guests. It also should be conveniently close to your venue, and it is even better if there is a shuttle to take guests!

Your Colorado wedding planner can help you plan for every contingency, and make sure that your wedding is exactly how you have envisioned it.  JoAnn Moore is a Master Colorado Wedding Planner and can lessen the stress of all the challenges of mountain weddings.


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